Fun Things to See And Do

Sightseeing Peeps

How Peeps Are Made
Take a "tour" of the Just Born factory!

Peep Recipes
Try these at your own risk!  ;-)

Wedding Peeps
Check out the Peep-y Creations made for me in honor of my engagement/marriage!

Hank Treats
Yummy goodness for your Hank Muse!

Peep Cartoons
HERE, HERE, and also HERE!

Xmas Cookie Recipes
You can bake the same cookies that Marie makes in "The Twelve Cookies Of Christmas"!  ;-)

Logan & Rogue Plot Bunnies
Created by Justin G. Steele - HERE, and HERE!
WARNING: Downloading of plot bunnies may lead to obsessive fic-writing.  Proceed with extreme caution!

The Peep Show
Minds out of the gutter!  ;-)


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